The Complete Salesforce Trailhead: From Zero to Hero 7-Course Bundle

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  • Your First Program
  • Admin Beginner Trail
    Get Started with the Salesforce Platform19:42
    Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)6:23
    Discover Use Cases for the Platform6:04
    Quiz (100 Points)2:44
    Understand the Salesforce Architecture12:17
    Quiz (100 Points)2:00
    Navigate Setup + Quiz (100 Points)11:19
    Power Up with AppExchange + Quiz (100 Points)12:26
    Understand Custom & Standard Objects27:23
    Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)14:25
    Create Object Relationships - Lookup17:49
    Create Object Relationships - Master Detail17:51
    Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)4:45
    Work with Schema Builder9:27
    Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)4:46
    Import Data - Data Import Wizard23:08
    Import Data - Data Loader16:12
    Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)7:14
    Export Data - Data Export Wizard8:27
    Export Data - Data Loader5:49
    Quiz (50 Points)2:22
    Set Up Your Org + Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)19:38
    Create and Customize Lightning Apps + Quiz (100 Points)13:30
    Create and Customize List Views + Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)13:08
    Customize Record Highlights with Compact Layout+Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)15:20
    Customize Record Details with Page Layouts + Quiz (100 Points)20:09
    Create Custom Buttons and Links + Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)30:42
    Empower Your Users with Quick Actions + Quiz (100 Points)25:21
    Get Started with the Salesforce Mobile App + Quiz (100 Points)13:25
    Create Global Quick Actions + Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)20:19
    Create Object-Specific Quick Actions + Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)16:19
    Customize Compact Layouts + Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)14:00
    Customize Navigation - Quiz (100 Points)20:04
    Get Started with User Engagement + Quiz (100 Points)10:14
    Promote Feature Adoption and Discovery + Quiz (100 Points)16:59
    Customize the Help Menu + Quiz (50 Points)5:12
    Design a User Engagement Journey + Quiz (50 Points)6:43
    Preparation – Import Bulk Data for Reports & Dashboards – Step 125:33
    Preparation – Import Bulk Data for Reports & Dashboards – Step 215:04
    Introduction to Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience + Quiz (100 Pts)7:32
    Create Reports with the Report Builder - Part 113:37
    Create Reports with the Report Builder – Part 2 + Hands-on Challenge (500 Pts)26:02
    Format Reports + Hands-on Challenge (500 Points)32:34
    Visualize Your Data with the Lightning Dashboard Builder + Hands-on Challenge27:32
    Extend Your Reporting Strategy with AppExchange + Hands-on Challenge (500 Pts)22:03
  • Admin Intermediate Trail
    Data Preparation - Object Customization29:48
    Data Preparation - Loading Sample Data - Part 120:50
    Data Preparation - Loading Sample Data - Part 211:18
    Data Preparation - Loading Sample Data - Part 310:16
    Use Formula Fields47:03
    Implement Roll-Up Summary Fields44:47
    Create Validation Rules41:19
    Overview of Data Security15:48
    Control Access to the Org17:36
    Control Access to Objects17:29
    Control Access to Fields17:13
    Control Access to Records15:52
    Create a Role Hierarchy9:13
    Define Sharing Rules18:12
    Get Started with Picklists15:58
    Manage Your Picklist Values19:23
    Share Values with Global Value Sets12:27
    Create an App8:48
    Add Custom Fields10:53
    Modify the User Experience10:42
    Add Business Logic13:31
    Create Reports and Dashboards13:18
    Choose the Right Automation Tool10:06
    Automate Simple Business Processes with Process Builder33:19
    Guide Users Through Your Business Processes with Flow Builder58:28
    Guide Users Through Your Business Processes with Flow Builder - Challenge13:50
    Combine the Power of Process Builder and Flow Builder Part 120:35
    Combine the Power of Process Builder and Flow Builder Part 251:25
    Customize How Records Get Approved with Approvals20:49
    Customize How Records Get Approved with Approvals - Challenge7:41
    Get Started with AppExchange8:03
    Navigate AppExchange Like a Superhero14:41
    Install AppExchange Packages (Also Like a Superhero)8:19
    Get Started with External Services11:50
    Define a Schema for an External Service8:10
    Register an External Service6:13
    Use External Services in a Flow12:57
    Salesforce Mobile App Rollout - Combined sections and quizes21:58
    Create the Battle Station App6:44
    Build the Object Model13:20
    Modify the User Experience7:37
    Add Business Logic8:33
    Create Reports and Dashboards4:53
    Make the App Mobile3:52
  • Admin Advanced Trail
    Use Basic Logic in Checkbox Formulas7:53
    Use Numbers, Currency, and Percentages in Formulas7:47
    Use Date, Date/Time, and Time Formulas2:08
    Use Picklists in Formulas6:33
    Use Text Formulas19:22
    Level Up with Advanced Formulas17:19
    Troubleshoot Formula Errors10:47
    Get Started with Event Monitoring7:16
    Query Event Log Files6:44
    Download and Visualize Event Log Files6:53
    Introduction to Salesforce Connect9:53
    Set up Salesforce Connect17:55
    Integrate External Data7:00
    Learn About Regional Settings19:20
    Discover Multiple Currency Settings13:42
  • Using DLRS - Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary
    Getting Started with Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary7:03
    Why and when to use DLRS in Salesforce6:07
    Salesforce DLRS Real Example - Counting Cases on Contacts10:35
    Salesforce DLRS Real Example - Counting Custom Object on Accounts8:44
    Salesforce DLRS Real Example - Opportunities on Accounts7:24
    Salesforce DLRS Real Example - Counting Case Records by Date Time on Contacts6:51
    Salesforce DLRS Real Example - Tasks on Contacts - Date Field8:55
    Salesforce DLRS Real Example - Concatenate Text Fields10:02
    Salesforce DLRS Real Example - Previous Message Sent - Contact7:10
  • Developer Beginner Trail
    Get Started with the Salesforce Platform13:19
    Develop Without Code13:38
    Code with Salesforce Languages21:38
    Extend the Salesforce Platform15:27
    Get Started with Apex24:19
    Get Started with Apex - Challenge7:12
    Use sObjects20:17
    Manipulate Records with DML14:52
    Bulk DML9:45
    Upsert DML12:26
    Database Methods DML9:10
    Related Records DML9:53
    Manipulate Records with DML - Challenge11:27
    Write SOQL Queries Part 117:31
    Write SOQL Queries Part 215:09
    Write SOQL Queries - Challenge10:35
    Write SOSL Queries13:10
    Write SOSL Queries - Challenge11:47
    Get Started with Apex Triggers 118:30
    Get Started with Apex Triggers Part 219:04
    Get Started with Apex Triggers - Challenge12:14
    Bulk Apex Triggers16:49
    Bulk Apex Triggers - Challenge14:19
    Get Started with Apex Unit Tests Part 112:53
    Get Started with Apex Unit Tests Part 220:09
    Get Started with Apex Unit Tests Part 316:23
    Get Started with Apex Unit Tests - Challenge24:05
    Test Apex Triggers10:19
    Test Apex Triggers - Challenge9:16
    Create Test Data for Apex Tests Part 113:37
    Create Test Data for Apex Tests Part 212:08
    Get Started with Visualforce8:25
    Create & Edit Visualforce Pages9:22
    Create & Edit Visualforce Pages - Challenge5:36
    Use Simple Variables and Formulas14:03
    Use Standard Controllers18:29
    User Standard Controllers - Challenge4:54
    Display Records, Fields, and Tables17:52
    Display Records, Fields, and Tables - Challenge4:06
    Input Data Using Forms16:26
    Input Data Using Forms - Challenge6:18
    Use Standard List Controllers14:35
    Use Standard List Controllers - Challenge12:21
    Use Static Resources11:29
    Use Static Resources - Challenge5:34
    Create & Use Custom Controllers17:46
    Create & Use Custom Controllers - Challenge12:37
    Get Started with the Developer Console8:44
    Navigate and Edit Source Code9:44
    Navigate and Edit Source Code - Challenge2:50
    Generate and Analyze Logs14:54
    Inspect Objects at Checkpoints5:59
    Inspect Objects at Checkpoints - Challenge4:02
    Execute SOQL and SOSL Queries9:00
    Get Started with Visual Studio Code18:20
    Choose the Right Search Solution (300 POINTS)18:33
    100 26 - Customize How Records Get Approved with_Approvals20:49
  • Developer Intermediate Trail
    Get to Know the Salesforce Lightning Platform APIs6:49
    Use REST API11:26
    Use SOAP API23:32
    Use Bulk API24:28
    Use Streaming API18:09
    Get Started With User Interface API8:35
    Install the Sample App - Part 117:31
    Install the Sample App - Part 29:53
    Build UI to Display a Record8:46
    Build UI to Edit a Record13:04
    Build UI to Create and Clone a Record5:48
    Build UI for Dependent Picklists13:21
    Apex Integration Overview9:43
    Apex REST Callouts9:13
    Apex REST Callouts Test Class11:42
    Apex REST Callouts - Challenge19:42
    Apex SOAP Callouts9:46
    Test Web Service Callouts5:45
    Apex SOAP Callouts - Challenge15:21
    Apex Web Services11:27
    Apex Web Services - Test Class & curl15:26
    Apex Web Services - Challenge14:46
    Asynchronous Processing Basics7:05
    Use Future Methods13:24
    Use Future Methods - Challenge22:26
    Use Batch Apex13:20
    Use Batch Apex - Challenge19:41
    Control Processes with Queueable Apex7:51
    Control Processes with Queueable Apex - Challenge32:09
    Schedule Jobs Using the Apex Scheduler8:26
    Schedule Jobs Using the Apex Scheduler - Challenge16:43
    Monitor Asynchronous Apex8:38
    Understand Event-Driven Software Architecture13:09
    Define and Publish Platform Events12:23
    Subscribe to Platform Events9:34
    Subscribe to Platform Events - Challenge7:40
    Understand What Application Lifecycle Management Is10:33
    Learn the Basics of Release Management5:44
    Manage Changes in Increasingly Complex Releases6:14
    Use Package Development for More Flexible Release5:30
    Plan for Changes to Your OrgPlan for Changes to Your Org14:10
    Develop and Test Changes Locally4:24
    Test in the Integration Environment and Deploy Changes7:12
    Plan for Changes to Your Org7:25
    Develop and Test Changes Locally26:15
    Test and Deploy Changes11:01
    Get Started with Platform Cache10:24
    Use Org & Session Cache10:10
    Use Org & Session Cache - Challenge13:07
    Walk Through a Sample Application and Discover Cache Diagnostics1:26
    Get Started with Big Objects8:05
    Define Custom Big Objects12:33
    Query Big Objects6:18
    Aura Components to Lightning Web Components - LWC3:31
  • Appexchange Development
    Understand the AppExchange Development Landscape15:21
    Create and Manage Partner Development Orgs11:44
    Package an AppExchange App25:05
    Test an AppExchange App10:46
    Learn About Licenses11:33
    Manage Your Licenses15:35
    Manage Your Features7:04
    Be There for Your Customers12:51

Start Your Awesome Admin Journey with 53 Hours of Beginner to Advanced Salesforce Content

Jimmy Tanzil

Jimmy Tanzil | Salesforce Certified Application Architect, Developer, Admin

4.3/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Jimmy Tanzil has over twenty years of experience in the IT field. His main strengths are focused on Salesforce development and administration, web application development, and mobile app development. He is currently working as a Salesforce Architect, Advanced Administrator, Developer, and Consultant focusing on the non-profit sector.

He has in-depth knowledge of all phases of application development, including analysis, design, coding, testing, and implementation. He also has in-depth experience in systems integration such as integration of multiple platforms across various services including Salesforce, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento commerce, Facebook, pardot, zapier, conga, MailChimp, PayPal, various payment gateway systems, Canada post integrations, twillio phone/SMS systems, and other platforms.

Alongside his core strengths, he has genuine interests and curiosity in a wide-rage of the IT sector such as networking, server management, cloud services, AI, machine learning, cryptocurrencies and blockchains, printing systems, mailing systems, help desk system, order fulfillment systems/shipping, phone systems (PABX) management, and various other fields in IT.


Salesforce trailhead is a learning experience platform that helps you with the skills you need to transform your company, earn credentials that grow your career, and connect with a global movement of Trailblazers to continue learning together. This course bundle is for everyone who is new to Salesforce and wants to finish as an SF expert. It is intended as a starting point to equip yourself for a better future. With 7 full-blown courses, you will be equipped with the essential skills for your Salesforce journey.


  1. Admin Beginner Trail: Learn the basics of Salesforce
  2. Admin Intermediate Trail: Explore building processes, data security, & more
  3. Admin Advanced Trail: Reach all star admin status by tackling more advanced Salesforce features
  4. Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary: Understand why & when to use DLRS in Salesforce
  5. Developer Beginner Trail: Leverage your existing development skills to build apps fast on the Salesforce Platform
  6. Developer Intermediate Trail: Take your apps to the next level with powerful integration & mobile tools
  7. Developing AppExchange App Trail: Roll up your sleeves and develop, package, & test your first AppExchange app


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  • Access options: desktop & mobile
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