Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Android Development Bundle

4 Reviews
6 Courses

Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Android Development Bundle

4 Reviews
6 Courses

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What's Included In This Bundle ($861.00) Value

The Complete Android & Java Developer Course: Build 21 Apps
$195.00 ValueThe Complete Android & Java Developer Course: Build 21 Apps
Android Mobile Apps: Beginner to Published on Google Play
$99.00 ValueAndroid Mobile Apps: Beginner to Published on Google Play
Android App Development: Create a Streaming Spotify Clone
$49.00 ValueAndroid App Development: Create a Streaming Spotify Clone
How to Make a Freaking Android App
$120.00 ValueHow to Make a Freaking Android App
Android: From Beginner to Paid Professional
$199.00 ValueAndroid: From Beginner to Paid Professional
The Complete Android Developer Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced
$199.00 ValueThe Complete Android Developer Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced

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Product Details

The Complete Android Developer Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 144 lectures & 17.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

144 Lessons (17.5h)

  • Introduction And Software Installation
    0- Complete Android Developer Course Promo Intro1:43
    0.5- Andriod Benefits L2 Video FINAL2:52
    New Android Updates for 2017 and beyond!1:58
    0.75- Introduction to Android Applications!3:38
    Installing android studio3:50
    Installing java jdk5:49
  • Android Basics
    Setting up the project4:29
    Running our own application7:57
    Tour of the interface6:44
    Android studio tips5:00
    Creating custom avd5:02
    Overview of an application8:50
  • Activities & States:
    Activity states5:54
    Running the state change7:58
    Designing UI4:55
    Designing ui part 26:06
    Creating ui using java7:28
  • Widgets, Pixels & Layout:
    adding properties to widgets10:17
    adding more widgets using java7:17
    converting DIP to pixels7:29
    grid layout5:38
  • Event Handling:
    event handling7:01
    event listener and callback method5:58
    adding multiple event listeners4:52
  • Gestures & Fragments:
    android tutorial 21 gestures8:20
    android tutorial 22 running the gesture application4:37
    android tutorial 23 fragments new4:02
    android tutorial 24 designing top fragment new5:43
    android tutorial 25 creating fragment class new(Done)7:17
  • Buttons And App Design:
    android tutorial 26 finishing app design new (Done)5:14
    android tutorial 27 designing app part 1 (Done)11:12
    android tutorial 28 designing application part 2 (Done)5:26
  • Text & Animations
    android tutorial 29 designing application part 3(Done)8:47
    android tutorial 30 designing application part 4 (Done)5:26
    android tutorial 31 designing application part 5(Done)5:41
    android tutorial 32 running our app on actual device(Done)3:41
    android tutorial 33 overflow menu (Done)14:50
    android tutorial 34 adding transitions and animations (Done)12:53
  • Intents:
    android tutorial 35 intents(Done)8:28
    android tutorial 36 passing messages via intents(Done)11:47
    android tutorial 37-broadcast-intents-Done6:38
    android tutorial 38-recieve-broadcast-intents-Done8:02
  • Threads
    android tutorial 39-threads-Done12:39
    android tutorial 40-thread-handelers-Done8:50
  • Services & ListView
    android tutorial 41 intent service(Done)11:17
    android tutorial 42 service(Done)12:33
    android tutorial 43 bound services(Done)8:52
    android tutorial 44 bound service example(Done)9:36
    android tutorial 45 what is a listview (Done)5:29
    android tutorial 46 listadapters(Done)7:15
    android tutorial 47 custom listview(Done)6:10
    android tutorial 48 custom listview adapter(Done)13:27
  • All About Databases:
    android tutorial 49 saving data using SQLite(Done)5:48
    android tutorial 50 SQLite database product(Done)4:15
    android tutorial 51 creating new sqlite database(Done)10:20
    android tutorial 52 adding and deleting row(Done)7:57
    android tutorial 53 printing databse elements(Done)5:44
    android tutorial 54 running the application(Done)8:32
  • Working With Multimedia
    android tutorial 55-playing-video-Done8:55
    android tutorial 56 ImageCapture(Done)6:15
    android tutorial 57 taking photos with camera(Done)8:15
    android tutorial 58 image effects(Done)8:02
    android tutorial 59 inverting image(Done)8:19
    android tutorial 60 creating photo filters(Done)6:20
    android tutorial 61 building custom notifications(Done)5:54
    android tutorial 62 building custom notifications part 2(Done)8:55
    android tutorial 63 styles(Done)7:07
    android tutorial 64 running applications on device using usb(Done)3:03
  • Preferences
    android tutorial 65 shared preferences(Done)7:28
    android tutorial 66 shared preference example(Done)8:42
    android tutorial 67 creating custom launcher icon(Done)5:24
    android tutorial 68 creating signed APK(Done)3:48
  • Game Development
    android tutorial 70 libgdx setup(Done)7:31
    android tutorial 71 libgdx project structure(Done)3:59
    android tutorial 72 displaying text in libgdx(Done)7:34
    android tutorial 73 adding images in libgdx(Done)6:03
    android tutorial 74 Run animation(Done)10:35
    android tutorial 75 game camera and user input(Done)5:59
    android tutorial 76 finishing the game camera(Done)7:20
    android tutorial 77 sound effects in libgdx(Done)7:04
  • Our Final Project - A Complete Overview of Our Finished Android Application
    android tutorial 78 BMI app part 1(Done)12:21
    android tutorial 79 BMI App part 2(Done)15:55
  • Creating Stopwatch Application
    android tutorial 80 stopwatch application part 1(Done)(2)10:09
    android tutorial 81 stopwatch part 2(Done)9:14
    android tutorial 82 stopwatch part 3(Done)8:47
    android tutorial 83 stopwatch part4(Final)6:42
    android tutorial 84 stopwatch application part 5(Done)7:12
    android tutorial 85 stopwatch activity(done)11:03
  • Check Box, Radio Button, Button Icons
    android tutorial 86 checkbox(Done)8:23
    android tutorial 87 radio buttons(done)8:42
    android tutorial 88 stylish buttons(Done)6:28
    android tutorial 89 stylish icon buttons(Done)4:17
    android tutorial 90 toast(Done)6:53
  • Designing The Coffee Shop Application.
    android tutorial 91coffe app part 1(Done)11:36
    android tutorial 92 coffee app part 2(Done)6:26
    android tutorial 93 coffee app part 3(Done)6:46
    android tutorial 94 coffee app part 4(Done)7:29
    android tutorial 95 coffee app part 5(Done)4:36
    android tutorial 96 coffe app part 6(Done)4:10
  • Navigation Drawer: Designing The Pizza App
    android tutorial 97 nav drawer part 1(Done)9:30
    android tutorial 98 nav drawer part 2(Done)6:24
    android tutorial 99 nav drawer part 3(Done)6:22
    android tutorial 100 nav drawer part 4(Done)5:59
    android tutorial 101 nav drawer part 5(Done)3:48
  • Using Maps In Android Application.
    android tutorial 102 map part 1(Done)9:29
    android tutorial 103 map app part 2(Done)4:45
    android tutorial 104 map app part 3(Done)5:30
  • Using Action Bar In Android Application
    android tutorial 105 action bar part 1(Done)7:51
    android tutorial 106 action bar part 2(Done)7:21
    android tutorial 107 action bar part 3(Done)8:58
    android tutorial 108 action bar part 4(Done)6:56
    android tutorial 109 action bar part 5(Done)10:51
  • Using CardView And ScrollView In Android Application
    android tutorial 110 cardview part 1(done)9:57
    android tutorial 111 cardview part 2(Done)8:25
    android tutorial 112 scrollview(Done)12:55
    android tutorial 113 sensor(Done)11:44
  • Real Estate Android Application.
    android tutorial 114 real project part 1 loign(Done)10:46
    android tutorial 115 real project part 2 login(Done)8:32
    android tutorial 116 real project part 3 navigation drawer(Done)10:06
    android tutorial 117 real project part 4 designing navigation menu(Done)11:42
    android tutorial 118 designing gallery activity part 5(Done)10:10
    android tutorial 119 designing gallery cardview part 6(Done)10:07
    android tutorial 120 real app designing contact us part 7(Done)13:12
    android tutorial 121 real app testimonial part 8(Done)11:29
    android tutorial 122 real app map-1 part 9(Done)8:14
    android tutorial 123 real app map 2 part 10(Done)12:01
    android tutorial 124 real app navigation activities part 11(done)8:36
  • Resolving Issues.
    android tutorial 125 resolving issues part 1(Done)10:06
    android tutorial 126 resolving issues part 2(done)14:31
    android tutorial 127 resolving issues part 3(Done)8:16
  • How To Publish Your App To The Appstore and Google Play Store
    android tutorial 128 uploading app to google play store(Done)5:07
  • Course Summary and Conclusion
    androud tutorial 129 Course Summary Conclusion Video1:50

The Complete Android Developer Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced

Joe Parys

Joe Parys is a certified life coach, professional motivational speaker, entrepreneur, licensed psychology teacher and basketball coach. His main areas of expertise are teaching, coaching, public speaking, personal development, personal transformation, the human mind, maximizing human potential, motivation and goal setting.


Android is the world's most popular operating system and there is no time like the present to learn how to build apps for it. In this course, you'll learn Android development by developing a basic workout application that suggests exercises based on user input. Covering a range of development aspects from user interfacing to database management, this course will be an outstanding intro to app development and give you a great foundation from which to build.

  • Access 144 lectures & 17.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to create Android apps from scratch
  • Understand how to use Java to make Android apps
  • Add animations & transitions to an app
  • Discover how to save data in a database using SQLite
  • Discuss Android Studio
  • Make a user interface for an app using multiple widgets


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: watch live with internet
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Android Studio required (free to download)


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
  • This item is excluded from coupons.
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